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Working Principle of DY Press Filter

Working Principle of DY Press Filter

Zhejiang Hexing Maching Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a military-to-civilian enterprise established by nuclear industry workers. It has 186 employees and is located in Nantaihu Industrial Agglomeration Zone, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The company covers an area of 48000 square meters, with an industrial building area of 28000 square meters. It has two branches and two production and research bases. It is a well-known domestic enterprise that integrates scientific research, development, production, installation and commissioning of filtration and separation equipment.
With advanced design concept, unique processing technology, excellent manufacturing quality and perfect testing experiments, the company has developed a number of new products. Among them, DU series rubber belt vacuum filter, PBF series horizontal vacuum belt filter, DZY series vacuum belt press filter and DY series belt press filter have won dozens of national utility model patents. Products are widely used in chemical industry, mining, food, medicine, fertilizer, environmental protection and other dozens of industries. They sell well in China, Asia, Africa, the United States and other dozens of countries. They are ideal for the majority of filter users choice.



●Integrating concentrating and pressing, it has the advantages of good dehydration effect and low energy consumption.

●Serpentine automatic rectification, reliable operation.

●Integral frame structure, easy to install and maintain.

●It occupies a small area and can move freely.

●Flexible increase and decrease of the number of extrusion rolls can be adapted to the filtration of viscous materials under different technological conditions.